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1.12.1 & 2.4.3 [wow private server]

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1.12.1 wow private server Project Phoenix ~ 2.4.3 wow private server Project Archangel

Classic wow private server ~ Vanilla at its best!

ONLY Vanilla Server with 2k players online daily. Try it yourself, you wont be disappointed!

Vanila realms 2500-3000 + online on peak hours. 1500-2000 off peak

Highrate 12x levelling rates, optional 1x levelling
-- 3000 + player online peaks

Instant 60
-- 500 player online peaks

100% Blizzlike raiding scripts | 10-20-40 man raids around the clock
Blizzlike Classic Honor system | Real ranks with Honor Decay
Hardcore Battlegounds | BGs up whole day
Anti Cheat engine uniquely made for Feenix

2.4.3 classic realm:

12x levelling rates

Blizzlike raiding scripts and hardcore Battlegounds
Most class spells and abilities work
Progressive opening of raid-instances
Arena Seasons released one by one
Blizzlike BC Honor system

The only, unique server created by Feenix Server Team and improved around the clock.

Professional staff: Fair and No-nonsense GMs.

Admins and Team work 12 + hours a day to bring YOU the Vanilla game. We will never stop working, even if everything works, its our passion to do better, come visit forums and see it for yourself!

4 Dedicated Servers | 4 x 100 Mbit unmetered
HP DL180 G6 | 2x Intel Quad Core E5620 | 24 GB Ram

Join us now!

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