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Server RatesExperience: 200x Gathering: 200xDrop: 75x Crafting: 200xQuest: 50x Abyss Points: 10xKinah: 10x Server InfoSielUS Dedicated HostSkill and Stigma Auto Learn with no Stigma SystemLumielEU Dedicated HostSkill Auto Learn and No Stigma Auto Learn with Stigma SystemServer FeaturesAion client version 4.7 full support.Credit SystemVote RewardDaily Events and Support by GamemastersBest High Rate PVP with 3,000+ PlayersBatllegrounds with many custom eventsArena Discipline Choas Harmony GloryLegion Wars feature with custom legion wars battleground Alliance and Group systemFull items support, equipements, potions, food, stones, etc.Max level 65Player stats retail like with Balanced PvPDrop and loot system from monsters.Normal and Flight Teleport.Player name, legion, face, gender change.Player friend and duel system.MentoringSeasonal Event SystemSpawn protection.Manastone socketing and bonuses.Rifts system.Siege system.Channels, Instances and Crafting support.Gathering process and gather skill level up.Godstone socketing and effects.Private shops.Zone manager with drowning/breath area working.Summons and servants.Enchantments.Trader BrokerItem RemodelerPetsMountsHousingPlayer command .givemissingskills .gmlist .dye .movieChat server and channelsGeo systemAnd alot more...