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New Legion 7.3.5 PvP Funserver featuring:

- instant level 110
- allied races available for everyone
- a mall in Broken Shore where you can gear up
- custom teleporter and master NPC with a lot of features
- it is all about PvP, get tokens by killing players or dueling
- buy powerful titles with tokens that you get by participating in PvP actions
- buy more powerful armor with PvP tokens
- players have access to custom commands (for example, you can see which players has won the most duels)
- custom transmog system - you can request any item that you want via a custom command and it will be added as appearance
- win your way to the top by dueling and killing opposing faction players
- PvP talents are working
- artifact weapons and spells are working
- class order hall is spawned for each class
- use artifact forge to learn new spells for your artifact weapon
- friendly community, it's all about fun
- we are working to fix issues everyday, Legion private servers emulators are still in alpha status

We hope you enjoy your stay here!