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Fun server WOW 3.3.3a
 Works CLC 12/12 all modes, custom 10/25 loot is, mobs, barefoots are all scripted;
 Chain Champion Trial Works in All Regimes;
 The Great Crusader Trial is running. The Chain in All Regimes;
 Yama and the Forge are scripted;
 There is a Dual Special;
 Tanks Motyczky cannon ice dragon;
 Ulduar, Nakramas is completely scripted and works on all modes of complexity !;
 BK / Classic instances Kalimdor, EasternKingdoms - all 100%;
DK quests all work;
Excellent stability, a lot of work on the base is done;
There are a lot of spells of tales and quads;
All BG and arenas work. On BG there is a random choice;
Excellent works Lake of ice chains;
No client hangs, connection instantly;
Portal at DK works correctly;
Edits for spells and talents;
Fixed many bugs;
Fixes on pets;
Fishing works;
Ruby Sanctum is completely scripted and works on all modes of complexity!
Added loot in ruby ??scripted barefoot;
Halls of Reflections script scenes, by office;
Fixed crashes in ik, tskl, outland;
Pits and Forges are completely scripted and work on all modes of complexity!
Practically all the achievements are working;
Transfer of gears as on;
Halls of reflections are painted;
Improved dungeon search;
Many mobs are scripted through the database;
Fixed and scripted the main quest chains;
The work of spells and talents is more than 90%;
There is a quest for a hilt;
High uptime, server operation about a week with online 50-100;
The Random dungeon function works !;
Almost the entire game zone is translated into Russian> 80%;
And many other things ...