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[b]2 Realms - Blizzlike and Custom[/b]

[b]Realm - Blizzlike features[/b]
All flight paths unlocked
Instant flight Paths
Dungeons & Raids working and scripted
BG's & Arenas working
Wintergrasp working

XP: 3x
Quest XP: 6x
Drop: 5x
Gold: 5x
Reputation: 10x
Skills rate: 10x
Honor: 5x

[b]Realm - Custom features:[/b]
Level 80
Starter PvP & Herilooms items
Individual XP (Max 500x)
Stormwind & Orgrimmar Mall
Custom Mall for GM's
All Class Titan's Grip & Dual Wield
Custom PvP & PvE Set
Dungeons & Raids fully Working and Scripted
Weapon skills level up to max with each level gained
11 Profession limit for each character
Random chance to enchant gear on drop, quest, or craft
Dungeon Checkpoints: You resurrect at the last or closest boss killed with 25% health/mana
Dungeons and Raid difficulty is auto-scaled based on player count and other factors
Quest, Raid, and Party requirements for entering instances are ignored
Resurrection Sickness is disabled
Durability on resurrection has been reduced
PVP kills can allow the player to loot a percentage of the victim’s loot.
A bounty system can award players money for mob or player kills based on level.
World, Dungeon, and PVP kills are announced to the world.
All classes can have Hunter tamed beasts that will assist you in battle.

[b]New NPC:[/b]
Beastmaster - [b]Allows all classes to have and control hunter pets[/b]
Buff - [b]Buffs players with one click[/b]
All Mounts - [b]Teach you every mount in the game[/b]
Enchantment - [b]Offers all weapon and armor enchantments[/b]
Personal Teleporter - [b]Spawns a teleport NPC that fades after use[/b]
Codebox NPC - [b]Allows codes to be entered for gold and items[/b]
Fisherman NPC - [b]A custom fishing vendor with a path, waypoints, and speech[/b]
Gambler NPC - [b]Allows players to gamble their money[/b]
Gift Box NPC - [b]Sends players gifts at specified times like level-up[/b]
Global Trainer NPC - [b]Trains all classes and skills[/b]
Portal Master NPC - [b]Provides quick transport all over the realm[/b]
Jukebox NPC - [b]Plays much of the music content and videos in the game[/b]
Transmogrifier NPC - [b]Transmog your gear[/b]

[b]New characters:[/b]
Add the player to a guild
Grant Exalted faction with all major cities
Grant items and heirloom gear
Grant additional or all weapon skills
Grant special abilities of your class.