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Formally WoWBlitz & BlitzReborn 2009!

Server was compiled by myself. Only repacks are for noobs.

The best 3.3.5a private server ever!

BLIZZLIKE X10 REALM RATES (Rates may or may not change in the future.)

x10 Quest xp Only
x6 Kill XP
x5 Gold Quest (will change once I find a balance)
AH BOT (Still need to fix prices due to increase in gold per player can get.)
Max level = 60 (Once everyone has geared up (MC etc gear) or at least a lot of players that is we will go to max level 70 and so on until max level 80)

Start gold = 10 silver
x4 Profession
x3 Profession points per craft
Maxes skills every level (dodge, weapon, etc)
Vote rewards
V.I.P rewards (donations)
All flight paths
Guild charter = No signers
First mount at level 20 even though we are at max level 60 right now.
Cross faction (I believe since we are at max level 60 on 3.3.5a the cross faction " /join world " grouping will work. Not sure about guilds yet or trading. Also both factions at same time will not show up on who list. Create horde and Alliance on same account.)

Events to earn gold, items or whatever and to have some fun!
Use discord to chat it up with your foes or enemies.
300% Rest bonus in an INN