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TeraWoW 1.12.1 Normal realm Server.

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Server introduction:

Server is custom with 3x exp. Events will range from RP, PVP and PVE. The content is medicore scripted and we will need help from our players to report every ingame bug so we the developers can fix them as soon as possible.
The content will be opened progressively, because it is not nice to join the server when it has a peak of 100 players and you see that the most players are full geared.

Server Features:

Realm: Normal
Realm name: Tarvos
PvP: Optional Player vs Players
Server Rates: 3x
Server information: Mature PVE 1.12.1 server, where open world PvP is for those who wanna experience old days of glory. While Roleplayers and PVE players find their peace without interference from PVP.

Why we are difirent from the other 1.12.1 servers out there ?

No pay to win server.
Cosmetic donations and no item rewards for voting.
Added skills to all mobs in zones, instances and world.
Every zone, instance in world is being checked and fixed to off. like 1.12.1 as possible.
Herbs are and mineral spawns corrected and unique against any other known server ( you can’t find this fix anywhere).
Our patch notes are unique and you cant/wont find them anywhere, expect where i post (Metallica) them to help the community out.

Custom Content:

Auction house permanetly closed.
City and neutral guards being lvl 61 and elite status.
Daily open world PvP 100 vs 100 and up to 500 vs 500 players.
World and Faction bosses droping legendary items (promotion of world PVP).
Planing on for several alpha classes (nothing to extreme, more close to the lore).
Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley are permanetly closed. PVP items are re-done per pvp rank.
Roleplaying, PvE and PVP council, 2 players per council. So i as Admin can hear their wishes and/or suggestions, requests.
All epic items from MC, BWL, ZG, Onyxia, Ruins and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and Naxxramas will be on BOE (Tier 1,2,3 is default).