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Nethercrusade - Instant 60 PvP

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Nether Crusade is an instant 60 server mainly based on PvP. Our progress system rewards the player for participating in Battlegrounds, Arena, World PvP and some Solo content PvE. Every character has 50 ranks to unlock, upranking this so called "Battle Rank" will be your main goal since this will decide what gear you can wear. Unlocking a new rank will also unlock an array of vendors selling gear which will be free to buy once you have unlocked this certain rank.
Ranking up can be done by Arena, Battlegrounds, FFA, Daily quests, ... since you will be rewarded "Progress Points" for completing certain objectives such as slaying a mob, killing a player, completing a quest, finishing a battleground and so on... You will be able to keep track of your progression by keeping an eye at your "XP Bar".