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Players get some points for each level which they use for any stats they want Str, Agil, Stamina, Int etc.
Choose spells and talents from any class using points and learn all your base class spells/talents normal way.
Create any race/class as base for your ultimate hero!
Enjoy special perks and unique experience!

Northrend realm has Custom FFAPVP system that rewards Bloody Money, Newbies Immortal up to lvl 11, useful .tele , .create pet and other .commands, Fully ClassLess and set to Progressive Style.
All rates blizzlike except quest reward money and reputation x2
Start at Vanilla content and slowly releasing more every few weeks. War is over so you can do both factions quests and also all pets are buffed and you can use hunter pets as any class, they are reforged into powerful companions and have max TP.

ShadowMourne realm is made for Custom experience and has been Updated with over 32 700 new items from cata/mop/wod and Legion artifacts models,Dozens of Mounts up to Legion 7.1.5 + 100 creature models, thousands of new icons and more
Rate.XP.Quest = 11 , XP.Kill = 3 , Reputations x6 , Skills gained while crafting and gathering x11
World Boss for Custom Heirlooms - Fallen Cenarius = LvL super fast
Free Base Class Spells! Build on top of your Class
Players can have all 3 talent trees + any from classless interface
Free for All! Use all items and do both factions quests, War is Over!
Free mounts, Artisan riding and some items on new character
Start at lvl 50 at custom area with Vendors and other custom NPCs
Personal Teleporter and .commands like .app , .tele and ve + VIP
VIP mall and Teleporter + Proffesions and their Reagents @ .t proff1
4VIP ranks with more buffs and access for each, available for VP and DP
1v1 BG's with PVP NPC's ,Morpher, Transmog, GenderBender
chat by typing just once #chat on World Bosses and custom quests

Come join us, explore and enjoy a unique experience. Greetings from your friendly staff