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a new level 255 server

Not to break the unwritten rules of private server’s description, we are not going to say the same things as everyone, that we are bringing a new level 255 server to the public to play. Well, you do not have to trust us, but we ask you to read down below and judge for yourself, and maybe give it a shot in-game - you will not be disappointed.

What are we offering ?

Short Version

Leveling System: you are sent through a couple of testing grounds (solo or in a max 3 man group) leveling from beating the bosses. You start with a single set, which molds around your level, removing the needs of hundreds of items and bag cleaning.
Class Balance: all spells and talents have been revised and modified accordingly, to provide the best class balance for our environment.
Gear Sets: 2 full PvE Tier main sets, 1 full PvP Season main set, and other inbetween tiers set/items.
PvE Enviroment:
Raids: Tempest Keep (5 man), Hyjal Summit (5 man) and Black Temple (15 man)
Dungeons: Shadow Labyrinth (5 man), Magisters’ Terrace (5 man), Gold Farming (solo)
Altar of Sha’tar - questing zone
Worlds Bosses - The Emerald Drake, Magtheridon, Doomwalker, Sha of Anger
PvP Enviroment:
Lots of daily changing quests
Battlegrounds and Arenas
Hunting quests - where you are given 4 different quests daily
Boss quests - where you are given one different quest a day
A medium length, 2 story labyrinth
2 stair events
Brawler’s Guild
Transmogrification - a personalized transmogrification system where you do not go hunting for items, but they are all at the same vendor.
Voting - you can vote or play a full hour and receive Silver Coins. Voting can bring you food, bags, companion tokens, +10% honor packs, potions, shirts, tabards, trinkets, weapons, companions and mounts.
Donating - various VIP perks, potions, shirts, tabards, trinkets, mounts and companions.

Brief Story

Illidan being chased by Akama and Maiev, for him to be sent back to the eternal jail, in a burst of rage from both of them he got killed. The Skull of Gul’dan Illidan was holding and leeching powers from, was hold by Akama and Maiev, them taking it to a safe place.
On their way to there, Gul’dan was whispering and successfully mind controlling both of them. With the power of Gul’dan through their body, they both established a bigger base in the Black Temple, than they separately head in the Tempest Keep and Hyjal Summit. With the power of their previous armies, which also got controlled by Gul’dan, they converted or subdued many other creatures and generals for theirs to use.
The Prophet Velen led an army composed of a handful of adventurers to the Black Temple, camped in the outside court at the main gate, blocking Akama and Maiev’s only escape. The adventurers eliminated every and each of Akama and Maiev’s generals and armies, coming Akama and Maiev’s turn, which end of being killed at the top of the temple.

Long Version of what we are offering

The leveling system
You are sent through 3 different training grounds: Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts and Sethekk Halls. Here you will have to complete quests by killing the bosses, and they reward you with leveling you up. When you make a character, you start with a leveling set, which you can always change it up at the vendors near the starting point. The stats scale with your level. In order to see the actual stats after you level, you have to relog, but it is not required for it to work.

Shadow Labyrinth
After hitting level 255, before you head out to raids and everything else you will have to do this to gear up with better items. Killing the bosses reward you with either gear tokens, for you to spend at the vendor at the entrance for main set items, or they drop off set items.

Magisters’ Terrace
This is a dungeon with item drops that get placed inbetween the 2 main Tier sets, which can help for the Black Temple raid. This will get unlocked once you do all the normal (not daily) quests at the Altar of Sha’tar.

Gold Farming
Here you can solo farm your all needed gold, but with a twist, to not be boring. When entering it, you will meet a tiny goblin. If you accept his challenge, he will open the gates and the timer starts. In the given time, you will have to kill all the living beings in the mines. There are 3 challenges: easy, hard and medium. The easy one will last 15 minutes, the medium 12 minutes and the hard 9 minutes. Completing the easy one will reward you with 1,000 gold, the medium 5,000 gold and the hard 10,000 gold.

Tempest Keep
This will be the first raid you’ll be getting in. It holds Akama’s army. It contains various trash mobs, and Okuno, Seer Olum, Seer Kanai and Sanoru as bosses.

Hyjal Summit
This will be a follow up from the Tempest Keep. It holds Maiev’s army. It contains various trash mobs, and Dalnalar Nightstride, Malorne the Waywatcher, Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm and Malfurion Stormrage as bosses.

Black Temple
This is a massive 15 man raid, which as of now holds only 5 bosses, with 4 more to come. The actual bosses are: Konu’ru, the Chained Demon, Draenei Commander, Restless Soul and Gurtogg Bloodboil. The next to come are: Jezzelus, Night Elf Casanova, Shadow of Gul’dan & Shadow of Ner’zhul and Akama & Maiev Shadowsong.

Altar of Sha’tar
These are the forces that block Akama and Maiev in their temple from the outside. You have to do some cleaning outside of the creatures to raise reputation with them. It contains 11 normal quests and 8 daily quests. After you have done those 11 normal quests you can then go in the Magisters’ Terrace. With reputation you can buy various mounts and items.

World Bosses
We offer 4 world bosses: The Emerald Drake, Magtheridon, Doomwalker and the Sha of Anger. They all give you unique rewards.

PvP Enviroment
To gear up with PvP items, you can do either battlegrounds, arenas, and/or the various PvP quests. The quests are daily, and they change up daily, so you will never have the same quests every day.

You can either choose to participate in GM leading events, or do any other you would like on your own.
The hunting even quests will send you out in the wild to find and kill a creature, without giving you the exact location, only a hint. Only 4 quests per day, with random quests every day.
The boss event quests will give you the exact location for you to go and assassinate the target. Only 1 quest per day, with a random quest every day.
The Labyrinth. All I can say it is that it is a medium length, 2 story labyrinth. It is that simple.
Stair events. There are two stair events, one pretty small, and a huge one. Jump, jump, jump, get reward, be happy.
Brawler’s Guild. This is similar to the all known Brawler’s Guild. In order to participate in it, you must first own a Brawler’s Guild Ticket, which can be bought from the event quartermaster in the mall or inside the Brawler’s Guild zone. It contains 7 bosses, which you can beat one after another.