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Every player will start with a full Dungeon Set 1 Character, including class based weapons, rings & cloaks.
Every player will also start with a small amount of money to buy in-game features such as haircuts, guild banks and so on.
You will also start with a nice ride and even some healing and mana potions in your bags.

Our gear system is linked to the players total amount of honor-able kills.
Every amount of HK's has its own rank, and every rank has its own vendor.
For example, once a player reached 10 honorable kills, he will unlock the Rank 1 vendor which sells in this case the Blue PvP Set
The higher the rank, the better the items.

As our level bracket is 60, Warsong Gulch is one of the main battlegrounds. but here on Ultimatum We offer Cross faction WSG.
What is Cross Faction WSG You may ask, well the name says it all. If there is 5 horde online, and 1 alliance, and they all queue up, it will split the team evenly into 2, meaning it will make 2 horde players alliance or vice-versa. There is also several PvP Based Daily quests such as capture a flag in wsg 3 times in a row, kill 50 players, win 10 arena games without losing.
We offer 24/7 10v10 Warsong or 15v15 Arathi Basin, Our Warsong Gulch has an anti Graveyard system that prevents Spawn-farming.

Pretty much any time you or a team member captures OR returns a flag, its logged into our database and stored for use. Every time you capture or return a flag Its logged into a DB, You can view who has the top 10 killstreaks, flag captures and returns in the Duel/Training Area. Theres also a vendor in the mall that requires 50 personal flag captures & 50 Personal Flag Returns to view and it sells cool cosmetic vanity items.