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1. The Eternal realm offers instant level 80 to all characters and a fully developed mall for some extreme PvP.

2. The Redemption realm is a 10x rate realm with a mini-mall for starter gear, and fully scripted raids and instances.

3. The Remorse realm offers a custom 255 experience, level from 1-255 with custom NPC's raids, items and quests!

4. The Apocalypse 4.3.4 is developed by a dedicated development team and is the best cata experience out there with 95% working content! Including raids, and battlegrounds!

5. The Genesis realm is a pure blizz like experience! No special content!
Quick Facts
-Daily Events / GM Events
-Instant Account Setup
-NPC Teleporter to teleport to Arenas and Major Cities
-Fully Scripted raids , battlegrounds, quests.
-Friendly GMs / 24/7 TS3 support.
-24/7 of pure WoW!

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Port: 4000

Eternal-WoW is all about quality. We maintain a dedicated staff and have all staff members adhere to a strict code. Any notion of player abuse or cheating are taken with the utmost concern and severity. Constant supervision is provided to our servers, as hacking, spamming or any other form of ill-conduct will not be tolerated. Not only do we strive to provide a great gaming atmosphere, but provide the most optimized experience taking full advantage of our dedicated server box in a data center located in Dallas, Texas. The server box is located in a central position so that even internationally players can experience lag-free game play. The Eternal-WoW staff strives to provide an amazing experience to all players, as events are hosted regularly and all tickets submitted will be evaluated and taken into consideration. No player's concerns, comments, or suggestions are left ignored and everyoneÔÇÖs opinion is valued. Through years of experience as both server managers and players, our staff has a keen understanding as to what the general gaming population desires. On a final note, we remind our community that providing a server is not free, and our dedication doesnÔÇÖt pay the bills for the server, so all donations are greatly appreciated.

-Eternal-WoW Management