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Server started at 10.10.2005.
Blizzlike Quality + Custom content outside the normal maps. We have a great community of players who are willing to help newbies.
Transmogrification working,
Auction bot which puts useful stuff into auctions,
ALL PvE + PvP works in Blizzlike quality,
Vmaps, mmaps works,
almost all quests works in blizzlike quality,

+ Custom Event + Quest Cities in locations out of ordinary gaming maps, so your Blizzlike gaming won't be affected. ;-)
News NPC in game, so If you want to be informed about our news, you don't even need to watch our websites ;-)

Capacity 1333 ONLINE.
7000 Gaming unique accounts on server, 1900 active unique players. No Wipes, no rollbacks.
Autosave every 60 seconds, backup all databases once a day, backup WoW databases every 2 hours.

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Teamspeak server on for players and guilds.
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We have more Aliance than Horde so Horde players are welcome. Warlocks are needed so much! :-)

Server zalozen 10.10.2005
Blizzlike kvalita, Custom obsah mimo bezny herni svet, takze vase Blizzlike hrani nebude naruseno.
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