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Xtreme WoW LvL 255 Funserv

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Xtreme WoW, Supports 3.3.5A!

- All race All class
- Bounty Hunter, Blood Money, Morph Npc, Guildhouslng, Custom Spells.
- 1v1, 3v3 Solo, Arena Spectator, PvP Titles, Token Converter.
- VP/DP Exchanger.
- Arena Points Exchanger.
- Refunder Npc
- Donor / Vote - Shop INGAME!
- MOP/CATA Patch
- Custom Gems, Enchant Previewer & Seller.

- Huge Stats
- over 100000 custom items
- Transmogrification
- Amazing community
- Custom Items
- Custom Gearing Fixed Instances
- Custom Bosses and EVENTS
- PvP Token System
- Farmable & Soloable Areas
- Custom Daily Quests

- Own Token system
- World Teleport NPC
- Level Arena Teleport NPC
- Healer NPC
- Token eXchanger NPC
- Own new quests with items!
- Own new sets!
- Own new strategy!

Fixed Worldbosses/Instances/Guardians
Added Custom Fun Shirts
Added EPIC DONOR Sulfuras with High stacs
Added Event Tabards
Added Donor Haste Tabard [Still in proccess]
Added Premium Weapons, for all new players.

In progress!!!

New Custom Instance with custom drop.

New Custom Boss with custom drop.

XtremeWoW Free Private Server, running for since 2016, and still going.
Stable Core for the server.


XtremeWoW Staff