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World of Divergence - 3.3.5a - Lvl 85 cap - ACAR & More!

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Welcome to Divergence WoW
We support the latest 3.3.5a patch!

Server host specifications:
Server Location: Germany
Internet speed: 180 mb/s down - 280 mb/s up
OS: Windows Webserver 2008 R2

Custom unique starting quest chain
-> Option to skip it and level up to 85 right away!
-> Custom starter set
-> Leveling Road

All-Race-All-Class system
-> Don't be bound to class-specific races! You can make any kind of combination you want. For example: Gnome Paladin or Tauren rogue!

4 custom instances
-Shadowfang Keep
-Sunwell Plateau
-Azshara Crater
-Stockades Vault

3 custom malls
-> 2 of the malls can be accessed once a specific boss is killed.

Custom tier 11 set
Continuous updates on fixes or additional fun features!
Custom teleport book, RICH content!

Custom PvP Area's
-> FFA Tower & Frozashi Arena (Gurubashi mod)
-> Including PvP quests

Custom Event Zones
-> Help the children in Hyjal Village
-> Timed Climb Event

A terribly strong worldboss, which can be only beaten by a GM hosting the event.

Tele_Book offers:
Teleports to main towns
Teleports to PvP Zone's
Teleports to Custom instances & area's
* Weather changes
* Ressurection sickness remover
Teleports to malls
Teleports to instances
Teleports to all zones

Server signup page:

Server homepage:

Douglass (Owner) -- Netherlands
Aranthi (Manager) -- USA

Online time: 24/7

Hope to see you ingame;)


Douglass & WoD Team