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Despite multiples requests from players, Blizzard always refused to open a real Vanilla server.
Nostalrius propose you to play World Of Warcraft, as it was just before the first extension Burning Crusade, a golden age for most players.

Active developement, skilled staff, rich and mature community, are making of Nostalrius, for 4 years now, the best scripted server 1.12 worldwide !
Of course, our scripts are blizzlike 1.12 for talents, classes, etc. Instance are also pre-nerfed to taste the real challenge.

If you're playing World of Warcraft for years now, and that the idea of building a new character from scratch make you sick, instant 60 capability for free is available !

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P.S :
No freestuff nor freeloots on Nostalrius. If a boss isn't scripted in a Blizzlike manners, no reward will be given.