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Chaotic Domain 3.3.5 Exp100x gold drop 100x

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Funserver! Come join the server!!
We support 3.3.5
This is currently Blizzlike but is becoming a funserver!
The below items etc are coming.

Custom leveling areas
Custom teleporter
Custom Quests
Custom Items
Donation Items!
Vote Items!
Item store on website!
Teleport Item
Teleport Hub on website also!

Youtube video link

Server rates are:


* Welcome Cow gives you start mount and gold (from 4.0)
* 30+ Obstacle Courses (climb/jump/kill/maze events)
* 5 Pet Tamings Areas
* Unique Abdullah Taxi Service is rebuild into Lua instead of c++
* Custom Weapons/Armor up to lvl 255
* Azshara Crater Leveling & Quest area lvl 20 - 70 (from 4.0)
* Hidden StrangleThorn Vale Leveling & Quest Area lvl 71 - 74
* Loch Modan Leveling & Quest Area lvl 74 - 80
* Arathi Highlands Leveling & Quest Area lvl 80-84
* Hillsbrad Foothills Leveling & Quest Area lvl 84-90

* Custom Lua-Scripted Instances
- Old Monastery lvl 80 (hidden area)(custom t7 drops)
- Rescue Honor Hold lvl 80 (ally only)(hidden area)(custom t7 drops)
- Rescue Thrallmar lvl 80 (horde only)(hidden area)(t7 drops)
- RFC Raid lvl 80
- Deadmines lvl 90 (custom t8 drops)
- Hyjal 10 Mans Raid lvl 90 (custom t8 drops)

+ alot more that you will find out soon enough

Xp rate is highrate funserver rate.

And much more added every week!!