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Shado-Pan 5.0.5 PvP instant 90

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Welcome to Shado-Pan WoW. By now, you've came here seeking a Mists of Pandaria PvP server, and are curious as to what this server actually has to offer. Well, we, the Shado-Pan staff are more than eager to explain that to you! Our system is battle-tested and elaborate in regards to immersing you in the very splendor of PvP.

Now let us begin.

The very first thing we offer, is stabillity. We have a stable dedicated host capable of supporting many players, and one of the very first stable TrinityCore based Mists of Pandaria private servers.

The second, is features! We have a vast array of features, including a stable battleground system, custom quests, custom items, custom mall, and a First Blood system! The First Blood system essentially gives each and every player the opportunity to gain a whopping 400 honor for the first kill in the battleground, so whomever can kill the first opponent, gains the reward! Unique isn't it?

For the third offering, we bring to you a voting and donation system which will allow you to receive in-game rewards for your kind gestures in support of our server. Everything is balanced equally, so this is NOT a pay to win system, everyone has a chance to EARN everything for free, so long as they put forth their time and dedication. However, donating can help you get ahead faster, it is still a balanced system.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy the server.