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Some realm info

- WotLK Blizzlike x1 progressive realm.

- Instant Level 70.

- Passionate active development.

- Fully re-scripted Dungeons & Raids.

- Loads of fixed quests.

- Crossfaction PvE/Grouping/Chat is enabled.

- Random Dungeon Finder is enabled.

- We do not accept any kind of donations at the moment - as we want to give you the pure Retail-like feel. However, in the future we may consider a small not pay to win store!

How our progression works


You are able to enjoy Naxxramas on launch!

Each raid will require the previous tier raid's achievement.

For example, once you complate Naxxramas 10-player mode, then Ulduar 10-player mode will open for you.

Bosses will always drop that raid's correspondent emblems.

For example you will get Emblems of Heroism upon killing any boss inside of Naxxramas 10 and Emblem of Valor inside of Naxxramas 25.


All Northrend Non-Heroic & Heroic's 5 player Dungeons will be open on launch, except: Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and The Halls of Reflection.

To enter Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, The Halls of Reflection and Trial of the Crusader 10-player mode you will need to complate Ulduar 25-player mode.


Arena season 5 is active on launch!

All PvP vendors have been set and will be adapted to each arena season so that will be impossible to get equipment that does not correspond to the current season.

Isn't it excited? To feel the real progression once again!