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The progress of WOW from the start; our server has been resetted to 1.12.1 and we will have a nostalgic run in patches, every patch will come after players have finished the progress of the version. a marathon of classic-TBC-Wotlk-Cata and Panda. come and join us.

Best server for experiencing blizz-like wow

the server has been up for 8 years. and plan to go on as long as people plays this game.

there will not be a res on this server you will NOT loose your chars like other servers.

there is no need for you to donate or anything else,

we dont expect you to donate us,

there is no speacial items for donators, everyone plays equally. like on blizz.

all spells,talents, quests, dungeons are working and open.

all arenas and battlegrounds are working.

no lag high quality server.

helpfull gms but also you will not need them everything is working as it should be.