Hey Folks, we realized that there is some confusion about what happend to You are on it right now. has become the World of Warcraft section of All accounts and servers are exactly the same as before. Server owners can still log in to their accounts with the email and password they provided when they opened an account at Players will still find all the classic private servers that they knew from

Quality over Quantity 👌

As you might have realized, most top 100 and toplist sites are full of broken links, servers that are offline since years or plain ads disguised as servers. We at net have a different approach and try to keep our lists as clean as possible. We have a mix of human checks and a smart algorithm that deactivates servers that seem out of service.

If you have any ideas, find a bug or want to talk about anything else with us, please feel free to contact us via email or on facebook.

Server List Cleanup + 'Enable Server' Function

At the moment we are working on a massive cleanup of the server lists. A lot of servers have faulty details or are outdated, so we are going to deactivate them. This means a server will not be shown on the list anymore, but does still exist and will be displayed in your account.

If you think your server has been deactivated for the wrong reasons, please log in to your account and access the details page of your desired server. At the bottom you will find an unchecked 'Enable Server' box. To activate and see your server on the list again, just check the box.

Some New Features Added

To make it more convenient for you to find out about the latest news on, we added a little icon next to the news link. For all news posted in the last 48 hours you will from now on see a litte counter, so you always stay up to date.

In addition we updated the desing a little and moved the facebook icon to another location on the site. Please be patient as we are currently trying out some things to offer you the best user experience possible.

Incase you noticed some problems with the vote reset last time, we can assure you that this bug has been fixed. The next vote reset will be as smooth as velvet.

Recent Changes

Due to performance reasons we decided to get rid of the status bar on the details page. We also made a major change to the server lists. If you click on a server title you will now be directed to the web page of a server. If you want further details about a server or leave a comment, just click on the 'Details' below the server description.

Vote Reset Ahead!

On the 1st of every month we are resetting the votes on our site. Get ready to vote for your favorite server to push it to the top of the list!

What's New?

The site is now 100% responsive. You can access it from any device. Unlike many other toplist sites, is now adapting to the device of your choice. You can play your favorite game and at the same time look for new game servers on your smartphone or tablet.

We build a unique and new ad system. If you want to advertise a server, product or website on one of our ad spots, can now do so via your account. You can book an ad for any number of days. Check it out!

Soon we will start a new cleaning system for our lists. Servers that are offline for more than 72 hours will be deactivated and not be shown on thes list anymore. If that happens to your server, you can reactivate it in your account. If you dont want us to check your online status and stay on the list, please go to the edit page of your server and check the 'Deactivate Server Status' box.

Have fun on!

Server Status & ICMP

One of the unique features of is the 'Server Status'. We are constantly monitoring if the servers are online or offline. Some admins tell us that their servers are online but are shown as offline. There could be different reasons for that to happen. Please check if your server is filtering ICMP requests. If you want us to determine if your server is online or offline we need the 'Internet Control Message Protocol' to be accepted by your server. If you don't want us to check your status please deactivate your server status in your account. To do so you just have to go to the edit page of your server and check the 'Disable Server Status' box. has been launched today!

Hi Folks, a long time in the making, today we finally launched the new site. is now becoming and there is a lot of new stuff for you. We know that the old site has been a mess for some time, but now everything is up and running again. We build the new system from scratch!

Here are some features:

  • you can vote as always
  • you can rate servers again
  • you can comment on servers with your Facebook login
  • the site feature many new games
  • the server status system has been rebuild and works smooth
  • ad system has been automated - feel free to book an ad

As always, things can go wrong on launch day and they did. The vote, rate and message systems have been down for some hours, but work again fine now.

Have fun with the new site. You will hear from us soon!